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Kena Roth

Owner and point person for Kena Roth Business Solutions. Kena has been working virtually since 2006 helping clients get to the crux of their processes, streamlining systems to save time, and getting entrepreneurs to the next level in their business. She's the "Organizer in Chief," managing internal communication between team members, and ensures projects are on course. She's a high-functioning, structured go-getter and all around happiness maker. 



Jennifer Gallaher

Jennifer brings to the table over 20+ years of administrative experience, as well as an abundance of office management experience. She has been working in the VA industry since 2008 and has had multiple clients come to her via word of mouth. She excels at assisting her clients with learning to “let go” and delegate tasks and projects and being the point person for all daily activities. She loves anything grammatical and will proofread anything if asked. Her specialties include: Send Out Cards, Office/Project Management and quickly learning new programs to accommodate current and future clients. Jennifer is a military spouse currently working and living in Huntsville, AL and raising both elementary and high school students.



Sarah Flasher

Sarah is a wife of 9 years and stay at home mom living in Loudoun County, Virginia. She lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family. Together, they love to be outside hiking, having picnics, and fishing on Sleeter Lake. Sarah has a background in administrative assistance, and she's excited to be a part of Kena's team, learning and helping her grow!