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I recently worked with Kena on a few of my product listings. They weren’t performing after multiple attempts to overhaul the content. Kena not only updated the content but she was also able to capture the tone of my brand and convert that through the descriptions of my items. The process was super simple and easy, I will definitely be seeking Kena’s help in the near future.

Rachel Wood    thegoldentype.etsy.com

She’s really flexible. She’s able to learn new skills quickly, so if I have something to do that she’s never done before, I just give her a checklist and she’s ready to go. 

I really appreciate all the help she has given me. If you are considering hiring an assistant, I definitely recommend Kena. She does a great job. She keeps me sane and functioning as a business owner.

Kena does a great job taking the weight off of busy business owners. She genuinely cares about her clients, and works very hard to ensure their success. Kena is organized and reliable. She relieves entrepreneurs of overwhelm so they can spend less time being technicians and more time creating. 

Working with Kena has been a total game changer. She enthusiastically took many things of my plate, and offers great suggestions as we keep developing things. She's a total asset to my team and provides amazing customer service. A total dynamo! 

Leah Siegfried  www.opbarks.com

Leah Siegfried

I want to take a moment to tell you what a DREAM you are to work with. I'm very grateful our paths have crossed. It's just such a rare pleasure to encounter someone who works so hard and wants it so much.

Lara Eastburn   www.laraeastburn.com